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NXT Seating - NuFit Wheelchair Cushion

NuFit Wheelchair Cushion

NXT Seating - NuFit Wheelchair Cushion

The nxt Back Support Series offers a range of contours to provide Posterior, Posterior Lateral and Posterior Deep Lateral support. The Scapula cut-out shape is designed to provide excellent support and comfort while enhancing the user's natural range of motion. For optimal positioning of the pelvis, Pelvic-lumbar support pads can be uniquely positioned to customize the fit for the user. The wide range of sizes and contours provide exceptional support and comfort.

The Fixed Height Pelvic, Plus Contour back support has a depth adjustable deep pelvic contour of 5.5"- 7" / 14- 18cm. Fits 1", ⅞" or ¾" / 2.5cm, 2.2cm, 1.9cm, cane diameters without shims. Removable Quickfit mounting hardware has height adjustment, 5" / 13cm of depth, 25 degrees of posterior / anterior angle adjustment and even rotation. Weight capacity 16"-20", 300lbs / 136kg. 22", 400lbs / 182kg.

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