R82 Kudu - Paediatric Wheelchair

R82 Kudu - Child Wheelchair

R82 Kudu Child Wheelchair
R82 Kudu Child Wheelchair

R82 Kudu - Child Wheelchair

The Kudu - a rigid frame, tilt-in-space, reclining pediatric wheelchair - has been designed to offer exceptional adjustability while addressing the clinical needs of the child and the ergonomic needs of caregivers.

Adjustable backrest height and seat depth ensures growth adaptability and back recline is adjustable without tools. Recline of -5° to 30° and seat tilt of -3° to 45° provides postural relief and comfort. The Kudu offers many options and accessories for positioning and convenience, and meets ISO standards for safe transportation.

The Kudu offers a breakout design that is fully child-oriented – as opposed to competitive products that are designed for adults and scaled down for the pediatric population. Rear wheels are positioned in an optimal location to enable self-propulsion, providing users with a degree of independence.

The Kudu has the ability to match any competing product for function, positioning, ease of use and visual appeal.
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