R82 Meerkat

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R82 Meerkat Child Stander

R82 Meerkat Child Stander
R82 Meerkat Child Stander

R82 Meerkat Child Stander

Learning through movement!

The Meerkat is a simple upright standing frame with adjustable support for feet, knees, pelvis and chest. It can be positioned in anterior or posterior and has the option to add a rocker base for the development of dynamic posture control. The Meerkat is available in 3 sizes and suitable for children and youngsters.

Modular components can be clicked quickly and easily on and off to meet an individual’s changing needs or the varying requirements of multiple users.

Meerkat has been designed to allow children to learn through movement. A rocker can be easily mounted under the base plate and positioning is supported while creating the possibility for movement.
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