R82 Pony Child Walker

R82 Pony Child Walker

R82 Pony Child Walker

R82 Pony Child Walker

The R82 Pony is a gait trainer for disabled children.
The Pony has a frame shaped like an arrow with five castors. A central bar holds the chest support and the seat with pelvic support.
The bar can be tilted forwards to stimulate walking. Between the legs is a plate to counteract scissoring.

The Pony is for indoor use and is available in four sizes and suitable for children between the ages of 1½ - 12 years.
Not all children are alike - that is why it is important to use the measuring chart to find the correct size.
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{tab= Features}


forward lean Adjusts to accommodate optimal walking angle and initiate the stepping process

Height adjustable seat

Allows for height adjustment to fit the user and provide optimum position when walking. The child is not supposed to sit on the saddle

Back support

Allows for height and depth adjustment for positioning the pelvis into a neutral position. Furthermore the back support can be removed for easy access of child onto the Pony

Brakes on castors

The Pony has brakes on the two front castors. Further, it is equipped with one drag wheel and directional stabilizer for added support

{tab= Measurements}

{tab= Standards}

As standard the Pony is delivered with back support and saddle.

{tab= Accessories}

 Head support system
 Height and angle adjustable head supports keep child’s head and neck in proper position
size      measurements
0         H: 43-56 cm
1         H: 52-65 cm
2         H: 62-85 cm
Helper’s handle
Allows caregiver to direct and assist the child’s movement
86416For Pony 
 Arm rest
 Provides forearm support. Helps the child to stabilize the trunk and head
size   measurements
0      W: 52 cm
1      W: 52 cm
2      W: 62 cm
3      W: 66 cm
 Vertical handles, mid-mounted
 For better and firmer grip
One size
Abdominal pad
Provides additional anterior pelvic control
size    measurements
1       H: 11 x W: 18 cm
2       H: 11 x W: 18 cm
Lateral hip supports
Controls lateral movement of the pelvis
size     measurements
0        H: 7 x W: 15 cm
1        H: 10 x W: 15 cm
2        H: 10 x W: 15 cm
Leg protection
 Only for Pony. Protect the children with the tendency of scissoring their legs
One size
 Directional stabilizer
 Only for Pony. Locking the swivel front castor forcing the unit to go straight
two sizes
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