BS200 - Prone supine and upright stander

BS200 - Prone supine and upright stander


BS200 - Prone supine and upright stander

The BS series offers therapeutically correct rising to a standing position from a prone or supine position.

The wide base plate and the narrow top part allow a larger degree of freedom of movement and simultaneously provide the prerequisites of infinitely variable rising from a lying down position, moving to partly standing and then to reach upright standing.

Adjustable foot plates and guided belts as well as other accessories secure the person.

The manual tilt adjustment is also optional available next to the electrical tilt adjustment or via gas spring with foot control.

The person cared for can build up a new relationship to his or her body through a new awareness of their own body height.


Cerebral palsy
Muscular dystrophy
and others
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  • Therapy table for prone and supine position
  • Head support with facial aperture
  • Knee support for supine position
  • Extension cushion narrow/high
  • Extension cushion wide/low
  • Electric motor with rechargeable battery
  • Foot operated tilt adjustment
  • Heel support
  • Thorax-/Pelvis support
  • Abductor wedge
  • Foot shells (pair)
  • Chin support
  • Posterior support

{tab=Technical Specifications}

Technical Details:


Size 2

Article number:


Armpit height:

83-121 cm

Overall width:

59 cm

Overall length:

85 cm

Overall height, basic model:

max. 100 cm

Overall height*:

max. 140 cm

Overall height (horizontal):

64 cm

Access height:

10-15 cm

Standard support cushion – large (width x height):

36 x 50 cm

Standard support cushion – small (width x height):

32 x 26 cm


-5° to 90°

Loading capacity:

70 kg

Overall weight:

21 kg

* including all accessories (Foot plate to top edge of supporting surface)


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