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Leggero Dyno Buggy


Leggero Dyno Buggy

The DYNO™ is an excellent buggy for active children and active parents. As the name suggests, the DYNO™ is a dynamic buggy that allows for children to be active while seated. For parents who love the outdoors and would like to take their children with them, whether walking or jogging,the DYNO™ is an excellent outdoor buggy. It comes with pneumatic tire options, and individual wheel suspension to absorb bumps and external forces, thus making it a comfortable ride for the child.

Just like the TRAK™, the DYNO™ is also highly adjustable with 20cm seat-depth, 20cm back-length, 14cm leg-length, 17cm chest-width, and 15º of knee-angle adjustability to give the child a great fit, and enable good posture, thus promoting active functional activities. An important feature of the DYNO™ is its Activator Dynamic Seating System which has been anatomically designed to give a child the ability to move into flexion or extension, while maintaining proper pelvic positioning. The resistance of the Activator system is tension adjustable and can be locked out when not needed. Dynamic seating enables
freedom of movement for a wide variety of children, especially those with high tone.

Available with a RESPOND™ contoured seating system including a lumbar support, the DYNO™, like the TRAK,™ is a comfortable buggy to sit in. The seating system contours to the body to provide the right fit. The DYNO™, like all Leggero™ Buggies, is easy to fold to be stored away in a compact space.
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