Osprey Valet Sling

Osprey Valet Sling


Osprey Valet Sling

Valet sling
The new Valet sling allows carers to adjust clothing easily whilst the patient remains in the sling reducing the need for multiple transfers.
Available in 4 different styles.

The Valet sling has been designed for maximum comfort, ease of use and toileting efficiency.
The unique design of the Valet sling allows carers to adjust clothing easily whilst the client remains in the sling, reducing the need for multiple transfers.

The Valet sling is available in a range of sizes suitable for both children and adults.
The Valet sling’s unique design can be incorporated in to many of our standard slings, including the
Cressy Sling, Flexi Sling, Deluxe and Deluxe Comfort Sling.
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